Rental Stock: Head



  • A relevant BTech or First degree in Public Relations and

Administration, Project Management or Management

  • 8 years experience at a Management Level
  • In-depth knowledge of the Human Settlements’ legislation and policies
  • Knowledge and understanding of Tenancy management and Delayed Sales policies and procedures
  • Knowledge and experience in project management
  • A valid drivers licence
  • Willingness to travel and attend to after-hours meetings when required.

Key Performance Areas

  • Manage the administrative implementation of Government and City Housing Policies and Programmes in respect of Public Rental Stock
  • Manage the operations of a district or region providing for public Rental stock
  • Manage personnel
  • Financial management
  • Manage the implementation of the Enhanced Extended Discount Benefit Programmes
  • Manage and coordinate the implementation of the legal processes in respect of illegal activities, non-payment and unlawful occupation of rental and homeownership units
  • Manage the conveyancing process linked to the sale of rental and homeownership properties
  • Manage registration of transfer of site and service properties where applicable
  • Draft reports and keeping statistical information for reporting purposes.

How to Apply

Send your applications to :

Address : 52 Wale St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

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